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Super cool charging station for my Quest! Really easy to put together. My Quest 2 has the delux head strap that's longer and heavier than the stock config, but it didn't cause any issues as the strap sits nicely on the table, making the whole setup more stable.

David H

This is a perfect fit and more compact then the Oculus version of this i think. Case seems to be really sturdy and the overall construction is really great. I seem to carry my oculus with me to work, travel, friend's house etc and this little case is secure. I definitely recommend this.

Susan Finn

I have been using this since i got it. I cant tell i "stressed" the product a lot, but it has great feee, holds all the oculus properly, i can feel confident is going to protect it so on. It looks great too.

Joao Borges

I had done some research and read alot of reviews around so decided to go with this charging dock and it is just so amazing I love this station for my quest 2 so much! Other than that this is a must for anyone looking to buy a nice fashionable charger for your Quest 2!


So far I really like the stand! It looks really nice and with a couple of modifications it's holding my elite strap with battery. It's very sleek in design and easy to use.I have already received an email letting me know that updates will be coming soon to make it work even better with the elite strap! Highly recommend!

David Garcia

I’ve only been using it for a few days, but I can say it’s really comfortable. The thick padding on the back and top strap make a huge difference. Once you get it dialed in to your head, you won’t use the turn dial on the back anymore.

Daniel Porter